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We are a boutique firm with a singular focus. Investment consulting is our only business and our sole focus.

We are client-centric and results-oriented. We are flexible, put our clients first, and are accountable for the results we generate.

Business Team

We help our clients access top-tier investment managers. Our unique access has been built through decades of investment due diligence, research, and relationship-building and is difficult to replicate. 

We focus on understanding risk and risk management. This focus helps us to ensure our clients have the right investment teams for their unique situations and life goals. 

Business Meeting

We emphasize full transparency and make it easy. We pride ourselves on effective communication, to drive decisions, provide comprehensive reporting, and respect your time. 

We are an employee-owned firm with a global reach. Long-standing expertise in managing global portfolios for sophisticated clientele. 


Nicholas Rotello founded Seven Two Partners in 2009. His experience spans more than two decades of manager due diligence across asset classes, including research on more than 10,000 investment firms worldwide. 

Additionally, Mr. Rotello is experienced in all aspects of a client investment portfolio, tax efficiency, asset allocation, rebalancing, risk management and portfolio modeling.

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