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Advisor & Portfolio Review

Investment Managers

Asset Classes

Customized Reporting​

  • Asset Allocation

  • Portfolio Construction

  • Investment valuations

  • Risk Management

  • Investment Access

Advisor & Portfolio Review

We provide one-off services to help wealthy families better understand their portfolio (risk and return) and to assess current or potential investment advisors.

Business Meeting

Investment Manager Due Diligence

We research all types and sizes of investment managers across geographies. We look for opportunity by drawing a complete picture of expected risk and return.

Asset Classes

We research all global asset classes in order to optimize results for our clients. We identify the drivers of future performance, as well as potential risks.

Financial Report

Customized Reporting

We use highly customizable software to provide bespoke investment reporting for clients who want accurate, daily updated, and easily accessible reporting for their investments.

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Asset Allocation

We use sophisticated modeling tools to determine asset allocation and properly frame risk and return expectations, so our clients can have the best possible understanding and results.

Business Meeting

Portfolio Construction

Investment process, holdings, factor analysis, and asset class characteristics are used to create portfolios. These portfolios may be implemented across any series of complex (or simple) client structures.

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Investment Valuations

We estimate fair value of asset classes. We use valuations to facilitate informed decisions and to supplement our research.

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Risk Management

We research risk both qualitatively (people, operational, etc.) and quantitatively (volatility, risk-factors, etc.). We also provide identification, measurement and recommendations on manager specific, asset class, and macroeconomic risks.

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Investment Access

We can provide access to the most difficult-to-access investment funds, ones currently closed to new capital, and we are often able to help our clients access these investment funds significantly below their stated investment minimums.

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